What are the different Hair transplant methods and which one is the best?

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Recently are you worried looking at your receding hairline? Stop panicking! Hair loss today is no more a problem to lose your sleep over. Currently, there are more than one method of hair transplant is available. However, to choose the right one is the challenge. For that it is important to visit the right person. For instance, Dr. Kalia, based out of Chandigarh, is one such doctor who will give the best advice in terms of hair transplant methods. Usually, the kind of hair transplant that is most suitable for a person depends on the hair density and size of the bald area.

There are two main techniques of hair transplant based on the way the follicle units are extracted. They are the Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT and the Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE. The FUT technique is also known as the strip method. Both these methods involve surgery and so proper advice is imperative in order to decide the best method of hair transplant.

What is the FUT hair transplant?

In the FUT method, a strip of scalp is cut out from the back of the head and is dissected into individual grafts.

Advantages of the FUT method:

  • It helps in covering larger areas of baldness with fewer sittings
  • It ensures comparatively lesser resection rates with better results. However, the result largely depends on the skill of the surgeon

What is FUE hair transplant?

The FUE method of hair transplant, on the other hand, involves taking follicular units from the back of the head one by one by cutting around it with a tiny specialized machine and then removing them. The FUE method is comparatively tedious and may take a few hours, but becomes painless after a few numbing injections are given.

Like all other hair transplants, FUE hair transplant in Chandigarh, offered by Dr. Kalia is considered the best and the most cost effective.

Some of the benefits of FUE hair transplant offered by Dr. Kalia are the following:

  • It does not involve any stitch, incision, or pain
  • It ensures that the donor area normalizes within two days
  • It gives natural-looking and permanent results quickly
  • It involves minimally invasive techniques
  • It ensures speedy recovery in most of the cases so that patients can get back to normal activities within a day

As far as the best hair transplant method is concerned, it can be said that the FUE method is better for patients those who want to avoid a linear scar at all costs. It also seems a better solution for young patients who might require only a minor treatment and also for those who have a tendency towards extreme scarring. At the same time, if someone likes to wear their hair short, FUE is considered the best method of hair transplant.

To sum up, there is no best or right method of hair transplant per se. Each of the methods has their own pros and cons. So the decision should be taken in consultation with the hair restoration surgeon.

Top 7 things you must know before considering a hair transplant

Top 7 things you must know before considering a hair transplant

Are you thinking of a hair transplant? Wait! Do not take a hasty decision. This is because hair transplant involves quite a bit of expenditure and at the same time it will leave you with scars. Hence, it is recommended that you have a clear idea about some of the necessary facts of hair transplant. For instance, before you go for a hair transplant you should know about the benefits, the risks involved, and the different procedures of hair transplants involved. However, to get a clear idea it is imperative that you get in touch with an expert cosmetic surgeon like Dr. Kalia, based out of Chandigarh, India.

The top seven things that you must know before considering a hair transplant are the following:

  1. Surgery Procedure: When thinking of hair transplants, the surgery procedure is an important aspect to consider. Usually, there are two methods of hair transplants. One is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE), and the other is the Follicular Unit Transplantations (FUT). It is important to decide on the procedure type so that the patients can prepare themselves with the cost of the process and its outcome. For that, it is important to get in touch with expert hair transplant experts like Dr. Kalia who will understand the situation of the patient with empathy and accordingly provide them with the best solution.
  2. Hair type, skin type, and ethnicity: Your hair and skin type, along with ethnicity are important points of hair transplant procedure. This is because the differences are major. For a better success rate, it is wise to choose a surgeon that has had experience of doing hair transplant on a patient of your race.
  3. Cost of the Surgery: It is always a good idea to have a clear idea about the cost of the surgery beforehand so that you can be prepared with it.
  4. Expertise of the Surgeon: Just in the way Dr. Kalia’s clinic is known to conduct the best hair transplant in Chandigarh, it is recommended to get in touch with surgeons who have well-established fame in the relevant field.
  5. Complications and risks involved: Just like all other surgeries, even hair transplant might involve some amount risks and complications. A good hair transplant will always make you aware of these. Even if you do not get to hear anything from the surgeon, you must ask about the risks and complications involved.
  6. Use the social media and internet for review: The world has now become a global village with the advent of the internet, so you can always use the social media to learn more about the clinic that you are choosing, more about the doctor and also about the procedure that you will opt for hair transplant.
  7. Need preparations and medical care: Depending on the kind of procedure that you are choosing it might need some preparations and post surgery care as well. So, it is a better idea to have a clear idea about all these before you actually opt for the surgery.

So now if you have any question in your mind about Hair Transplant, stop worrying, and Book a Quick Appointment with Dr. Kalia in Chandigarh.

How much does it cost to get hair transplant in India?

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Your tresses are one of your prized possessions and none would like to part with them. But destiny has a different plan. Sometimes, due to reasons which are beyond our control, we tend to lose our hair at an alarming rate. It is true that some amount of hair loss is natural with age and time, but when there is too much hair loss baldness might strike us. And this is the time to be scary. But currently, there is not much reason to worry as there are numerous options to get a hair transplant. Compared to the early days when hair transplant was considered a taboo, today the entire thing has become much easier. However, most of the times people are concerned with the cost of hair transplant.

As far as the cost of hair transplants worldwide is concerned, the prices are determined by a lot of factors. Nevertheless, one factor that cannot be denied is that the hair transplant cost in India is lesser than the hair transplant cost in other countries. Usually, a hair transplant cost starts at 90,000 in Indian currency and can go up to two lakh. However, the cost is determined by how extensive the procedure is.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Hair Transplant

The factors that determine whether the cost of hair transplant will be high or low are the following:

  • The number of hair follicles that are being grafted and transplanted
  • The actual area of the scalp that will undergo transplant
  • The number of transplants that is single or multiple transplants
  • The presence of hair or skin related problems
  • If there are any irregularities in the area that will undergo the hair transplant
  • The area where the hair transplant will take place, for instance, head, eyebrows, or beard and so on

Hair transplant is getting a new dimension now with the help of Dr. Kalia based out of Chandigarh. He has brought about a revolutionary change with regards to hair transplant. He is known as the most trusted cosmetic surgeon in Chandigarh, India. If you are facing hair loss at an alarming pace and you want the best care for yourself, Dr. Kalia’s clinic is the one-stop destination.

How Hair Transplant is Done in Dr. Kalia’s Clinic?

Dr. Kalia conducts hair transplant in the most minimal invasive way and in an organized method. Some of the stages that are involved in a hair transplantation process involve the following:

Each of these steps is done with care and precision by Dr. Kalia and his team and you can expect the most desirable results.

Key Highlights of Dr. Kalia’s Clinic:

  • He has made the cost of hair transplant in Chandigarh reasonable and within reach
  • He not only takes care of hair transplant for his patients, but, goes an extra mile to boost their confidence
  • He organizes great medical tourism for his all his patients and their attendants visiting the city of Chandigarh

So now if you have a receding hairline, stop worrying, and Book a Quick Appointment with Dr. Kalia in Chandigarh.

How is Hair Transplant getting safer in Punjab?

Over the past few years, hair loss is becoming an increasing common problem in India. Unlike other diseases, it is affecting men and women of all age groups alike. While several effective treatments have come up in the market to control hair loss and assist new hair growth, people are still apprehensive about opting for such services due to a number of reasons. But for the people of Punjab, it is time to put all their doubts at rest since they can opt for the services of Dr. Kalia in Chandigarh. Here is how Dr. Kalia and many other doctors are making hair transplant an easy and affordable choice for the people suffering from hair loss.

No Need to Stay in the Hospital

Contrary to the common perception, the hair transplant surgery is an affair of just a few hours and the patient can go home immediately after its completion. Also, sedation isn’t always necessary for the process, thus making it much safer as compared to other medical procedures.

You Get Your Own Hair

In most cases, a certain number of hair follicles are taken from the backside of your head and are implanted in your bald areas with the help of a surgery. Hence, the question of catching any infection from a third person becomes non-existent. Since the hair grafts’ nature on the back of the head is usually permanent, there is no fear of losing hair from that area. The new set of hair growing in the bald area is also permanent.

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It Doesn’t Take Much Time

Over the years, hair transplant has evolved itself into a relatively quick process. Post a minor surgery, a period of nine months is usually suggested as the time taken for the hair to grow back completely. These new hair can be styled, cut or shaved in any way you desire.

A Decreasing Cost and Increasing Safety

With time, the hair transplant treatment is becoming cheaper and more affordable. Even today, it stands as the most viable artificial technique for the purpose of hair restoration. The hair transplant operation is safe with no role of anaesthesia and a uniform distribution of hair, thus ensuring that overall follicular cells are at their place.

Open and Friendly Consultations

Dr. Kalia in Chandigarh and many of his contemporaries are taking steps to ensure that all the pros and cons of hair transplant are put forward to the patient that enable him or her to make the correct decision. The patient friendly approach of Dr. Kalia is bringing a revelation into the hair transplant circuit of Punjab and changing it for the better.

With hair transplant processes becoming much more patient friendly, accepting baldness as untreatable is a story of another age now. Book your appointment now and get that refreshing look back!

Hair Transplant: What you did not know about it?

There is no compromise to good looks, and hair (its style and quantity) have a major role in enhancing or reducing it. With the cost and complexities of cosmetic surgeries coming down drastically in the past few years, the number of people opting for hair transplant procedure has increased manifolds. While no one chooses baldness, not everyone does something to deal with it either. A number of misconceptions about hair transplant procedures have made people averse to it. If you are also contemplating a hair transplant, the following pointers may help you make up your mind.

It’s Done with Your Own Hair

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Contrary to popular perceptions, hair transplant procedures are performed with the help of your own hair. The hair growth after the procedure is natural and doesn’t require any further medical assistance. You would be free to cut, trim or style your hair as per your desire.

All Results aren’t the Same

The end result of hair transplant procedure depends upon a number of factors. A head full of dense hair isn’t the final result in all hair transplant cases. The final outcome would be dependent upon the hair’s type, the degree of baldness before the procedure and the amount of hair which was available for the process. Other factors influencing the growth of hair include body’s nutrient profile and your own adherence to the medicines. Opting for Dr Kalia’s Hair Transplant clinic – one of the best hair transplant clinics in Chandigarh can certainly hike your chances of getting it right.

Get it Done and go Home

Hair transplant procedures do not require you to stay back in the hospital or clinic. It is a day care procedure and doesn’t put the mental pressure of a hospital stay in your mind.

It is not a Cure for all types of Baldness

Though hair transplant is considered as the solution for all kinds of baldness, this is far from truth. This underlines the significance of consulting an experienced surgeon who can make you aware of the extent of hair damage and suggest you the most appropriate remedy rather than advising you to go for a hair transplant when it won’t make much sense. Complete baldness can’t be rectified with hair transplant procedures.

Hair from Other Parts of the Body can also be used

A skilful surgeon can also carry out the hair transplant procedure by removing hair from other parts of the body such as beard, legs or chest wall and planting them into the scalp with the help of appropriate techniques. In case you are opting for this method, make sure that you opt for renowned surgeons since it is a complex process and requires expertise. Only the best hair transplant surgeon in Chandigarh can assure you the desired results in this case.

Exposing the myths surrounding hair transplant procedures is essential to create awareness in the society and convince people that there is a way out of baldness. Let’s start by these pointers and open up our minds toward hair transplant procedures.

Hair Transplant Dietary Tips

Over these years, one of the major physical transformation inventions has been the procedure for Hair Transplant. It is one the best and safest treatment options to overcome hair loss and that too without any risk. Hair transplant is initiated with medicines and proper diet plan to stimulate hair follicles. In this technique, the hair follicles are extracted from healthy body part(s) and placed on the part with the scarce hair loss. It takes around 8-9 months for full growth after transplant treatment. It is very important to give extra attention and care to your hair for best results after hair transplant and a major area to pay attention is to follow a nutritive diet if you are about to go or have recently undergone hair transplant.

One of the best hair transplant doctors in Chandigarh says that a fit and healthy body successfully and quickly responds to hair transplant treatment. A nutritive and healthy diet always compliments the hair transplant treatment and helps in quick recovery. On the other hand, an unhealthy diet can impede new grown hair, can lead to hair fall, can slow down hair growth and can cause malfunctioning of hair follicles.

Here are some quick dietary tips which you should follow before, during or after the treatment:

  • Avoid spicy food: Spicy food may interfere to the healing process of the donor part of the body – so strictly exclude spicy foods from your food regime if you want to go or have recently undergone the hair transplant treatment.
  • Say no to alcohol and smoking: Consumption of alcohol may strongly affect the process of blood supply towards the head. Avoid alcohol and smoking up to 2 months after transplant.
  • No crash diet: Crash diet directly affects hair transplant as it may lead to hair fall of transplanted and slows down the growth of the transplanted hair due to lack of proper nutrition.
  • Have lots of water: Drink at least three liters of water everyday – more than that if you can. Intake of necessary amount of water removes toxins from body and helps to remove disease causing organisms through urine and sweat. It increases the hair growth with proper blood circulation and also heals the scars quickly.

Some important nutrients to go for:

  • Vitamins: Vitamins are essential to speed up hair growth – boosting scalp blood circulation and making hair, skin and nails healthier and stronger. Add vitamin B, D, B6, B12 and B complex to your daily diet. Potato, spinach, banana, fish, meat, poultry and dairy products are good sources of vitamins.
  • Iron: Iron is beneficial in recovery after transplant and hair growth. Blood cells of our body need good amount of iron to deliver oxygen to scalp and body.
  • Fatty acids: Sufficient intake of essential fatty acids leads to healthy hair and skin and good sources are omega-3s, salmon, fatty fish, flaxseeds, walnuts and almonds.
  • Proteins: Protein deficiency is one of the most prominent causes of hair loss. So it is important to take enough amount of proteins after and during hair transplant session. Protein rich foods like eggs, fish, chicken and soy proteins etc. are helpful in hair growth.
  • Folic acid:  Fresh vegetables and fruits, citrus fruits, whole grains, lentils and beans are enriched with folic acid. Consumption of folic acid daily is good for healthy hair growth.
  • Copper, Zinc and Silica: Intake of silica, zinc and copper rich foods like  Oat, rice wheat, asparagus, red and green peppers stimulate hair growth and thickness prevent baldness and hair loss.

Above mentioned tips will definitely help improve your hair transplant treatment as these are highly beneficial for the newly transplanted hair and health of hair follicles.

These diet tips are also recommended by Dr. Kalia – the best hair transplant doctors in Chandigarh.

Who can go for hair transplant and at what age?

Hair loss is a very common problem in both males and females of every age group these days. It subsequently causes baldness which is for obvious reasons a very embarrassing situation for everyone. Hair loss may occur due to genetic factors, hormonal imbalance, thyroid disease, protein deficiency or various other health conditions. Unfortunately, age is not the criteria for hair loss as even teenagers are facing severe hair loss issues with prominent bald patches, which become wider as the age increases.

There are many theories and suggestions for who should go for hair transplant treatment as that is the best and permanent solution for the chronic problem. One of the leading and most trusted Hair transplant doctors in Chandigarh – Dr. Kalia suggests that hair transplant treatment is not just a scientific procedure, but a skilled art. Many people have benefitted from it and at the same time, many people have seen disastrous results. That’s the reason why it is always suggested to pick a skilled, experienced doctor or a surgeon for hair transplant treatment.

Hair Transplant treatment is typically of two types:

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
  • Follicular Unit Hair Transplant (FUT)

Following people can go for hair transplant and take its benefits of hair restoration successfully:

  • Men and women having male pattern hair loss.
  • People who want a change in their hair line shape.
  • Patients who are facing hair loss after any surgical treatment.
  • Persons who want thickness in their eyebrows and eyelashes.
  • Males looking for mustache or beard hair.

Before the initiation of FUT/FUE it is important to identify some factors like family history of the patient, health condition, etc. This is helpful to fix the time for transplant. Another factor to be considered before starting treatment is to check the hair amount in the chosen donor area.

People with crown area baldness can be treated by medicine whereas people with front area hair loss get benefit from hair restoration treatment or hair transplant only.

If we talk about the right age for hair transplant treatment, previous hair transplant results show that older age hair transplant has more chances of successful hair restoration in comparison to hair transplant at a young age. Hair transplant during 20s to 30s is mostly not recommended by hair transplant specialists because it is difficult to know hair loss and baldness pattern and also extent of hair loss in future. Also, the transplanted hair will grow thickly and remaining may continue falling at some age which appears unnatural. Apart g=from this, if patients go for hair transplant at a young age, in future they may need some additional treatment in case of progressive hair baldness.

Recommended age for hair transplant is the age of 30 and above but it does not mean that other people are not eligible for hair transplant. However, if the hair loss is chronic and critical, there are specialized ways to go for it – provided that you are consulting an experienced and a deeply-skilled surgeon. There also are good medicines that are prescribed for good results in patients with hair loss at a young age.

It is also very important to check the hair loss pattern as risk factors depend on and differentiate with body to body. It is not compulsory that every lower age person has risk of hair transplant. It can be identified after consultation with top qualified and expert hair transplant doctors.

If you are in a fix and need an advice on best possible hair loss treatment in North India, Dr. Kalia can be your friend, philosopher and guide. He is one of the most trusted  and best hair transplant doctors in Chandigarh.

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